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Health & Wellness

Building Your Meditation Practice—One Minute at a Time

Color By Numbers: Artificial Dyes Can Be Harmful to Your Health

How to Choose the Right Birth Control Method for You

9 Ways to Focus Your Mind

10 Tips for Tackling Anxiety

A Beginner's Guide to Reiki

Zen & the Art of the Lap Swim

Cruelty-Free & Natural Living

Cruelty-Free 101

Navigating the Drugstore Makeup Aisle--Without Harming Any Bunny

How to Avoid Toxic Chemicals in Your Home & Beauty Products

Cruelty-Free Pet Care for the Conscious Consumer

Send Love with a Cruelty-Free Subscription Box

Your Guide to Ethical, Eco-Friendly Vegan Fashion

Exploring the Secret Life of Cows (and Other Animals Our Culture Eats)

Cruelty-Free Living (Personal CF Site)

Relationships & Personal Growth

Don't Let a Narcissist Ruin Your Life

Pregnant with Ambivalence--Millennial Women on--Maybe--Having Children

Navigate Challenges in the Workplace Like a Pro

Are You Being Gaslighted?

How to Talk So People Who Disagree with You Will Listen

The Art of Dating Yourself

How to Make New Year's Resolutions You'll Actually Keep

Break a Sweat on Date Night

When Mother's Day Isn't Easy

Entertainment & Books

Vinyl Cuts -- Official Website for the HBO Original Series 'Vinyl' (Researched, Wrote & Executed All 11 Weeks of Content)

Justin Theroux on Wish-Fulfillment and the One Secret That's "Just a Bridge Too Far"(Interview, HBO's The Leftovers)

Joe Manganiello Talks about His Dead-On Prediction, Faking Sexy, and Alcide and Sookie
(Interview, HBO's True Blood)

Ann Dowd on 'Taking a Page From Patti's Book'
(Interview, HBO's The Leftovers)

Karolina Wydra on Polish Torture Expertise and Playing Sex Dungeon Vanna White
(Interview, HBO's True Blood)

Filmmaker Steven Okazaki Digs Deep into America's Heroin Epidemic
(Interview, HBO Docs)

Why Anita Hill Matters
(Wrote Video Script, HBO Original Film Confirmation)

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